The local term for the planetary system of the gas giant Boreas, in particular referring to the four inhabited moons: Shino, Aezon, Tring and Yula. The Cluster is a Third Wave society.

Shino Edit

Winy spires, high aeries. Much of the transportation involves use of gliders and thermals. Patagia adaptations are ubiquitous.

Aezon Edit

Surface area ~96% water. Aquatic, gill-breathing elite and amphibious working class. Aezon is an extremely rich and biodiverse ocean world that provides vast quantities of the Cluster's food. The amphibious class are often exploited as troops as well as workers.

Aezon Manta fighters are sleek and fast, capable of operating in water, atmosphere or space. Commonly launched from the parallel decks inside the cavernous mouth of a Cetorhin carrier. Heavily armoured destroyer (Sarcops) and wing-headed bomber (Sphyra). Zoa haulers are the most common spacefaring civilian craft.

Tring Edit

A rocky, barren world rich in metals and ores. The people are hardy and strong, genetically adapted to the high gravity with denser bones and muscle fibres with greater tensile strength.

Yula Edit

Volcanic and fiery, another mineral-rich world. Yula exports power generation to the rest of the system thanks to its intense geothermal activity and its Io-like flux tube. The flux tube messes around with unshielded electronic tech, and shielding is expensive in the Cluster, therefore much of Yula's industry relies on pneumatics and manual labour instead.

Yulans carry adaptations appropriate to the heat and electrically charged atmosphere, as well as a tolerance for breathed poisons.