WING: Wetware-Integrated Network Graft, a cybernetic implant used for thought-speed communication with local neural and digital nets, as well as often providing wired port access and/or short range control of paired devices.

First Wave Technologies Edit

  • Electroplast: An advancement on shape-memory polymers, this mixture can have its properties altered while statically charged. A grav-core is often used in conjunction to create a rapidly mouldable, remarkably durable tool. Can be WING-enabled to allow thought command.
  • Grav-Core: An artificial gravity generator, spherical and easily miniaturisable. Advanced units can emit asymmetrical gravitational fields.
  • Gyro-Discus: A combination of tool, weapon and toy, this thrown disc utilises a series of miniaturised grav-cores to enhance its spin and speed. With extensive practice and a WING interface, the discus can be consciously steered mid-flight to hit multiple targets, or even commanded to return to the wielder.

Second Wave Technologies Edit

  • Cyber-Swarm: A host of cyberchipped, scarabeous insects that are controlled en masse via WING interface.
  • Divergence: Cognitive dual-streaming, highly efficient process of holding multiple distinct and fully separated conscious thought process simultaneously. Sometimes nicknamed "doublethink." Useful not only for processing information, but also for hiding one thought process behind another, concealing it from probes or Third Wave/symbionic telepathy.
  • Neurolinguistics: Far more advanced than modern NLP, much more akin to the Voice used by the Bene Gesserit in Frank Herbert's Dune.
  • Parasomatics: Hyperdiscipline of one's musculature and conscious motor functions, allowing for great precision of movement as well as complete independence of movement in each and every muscle.